High School Senior Circle-Jerk

I saw a recent message on the board about group circle-jerking games, and that brought to mind one of the experiences I had just before I graduated high school. I can date it because I remember my buddies and I had all gotten together to study for our physics final, and we picked my house to study at because we knew my parents wouldn't be home. We were an interesting mix of guys -- some of us were jocks, and some of us were almost-nerds. I fell into the "almost-nerd" category; at 5'7" I was too short for basketball, and at 135 pounds, I was too light for football. I suppose that would have left baseball, but we didn't have much of a team. I'm still 5'7", and 135 pounds, and the rest of me is brown hair and blue eyes. Back then, I had a moustache (anybody who could grow one had one), and got along pretty well with everyone. I don't remember all of the guys, just the three guys I used to hang out with all the time -- my best friends.

Best friend number one was Arnie. He was, fortunately for me, more of an almost-nerd than I was, which may have been why I hung around with him, to look good by comparison. He was taller than I was, about 6', and heavier, about 190 pounds, I'd guess. Brown hair, brown eyes and glasses fill out the rest of his picture.

Todd was one of the jock-types, having basketball as a specialty. He was, I suppose, the tallest of the whole group -- 6'5" tall. I remember his height exactly because he used to joke that if he put his hard dick on top of my head, we'd be the same height. I'm not sure how heavy he was -- it's hard to tell with really tall guys -- but he was in good shape, so I'm sure it was proportional. He was blond and blue-eyed, and always used to attract a lot of stares on the basketball court, because he showed a huge bulge in his shorts. I think he did it on purpose; I know I wasn't the only one who wasn't sure that his boast of having a 10" cock was mere bragging.

Best friend number three was a guy I'm still friends with today. His name's Seth, and like myself, hasn't changed that much in the past ten years. He was somewhere between Arnie and me, the same height as Arnie (6' tall), and weighed somewhere between him and me. He had brown hair, and green eyes, and was the only one of us to have a really hairy chest. We used to kid him about it a lot. I wonder if I was the only one who made jokes about it as an excuse to look at it? He wasn't quite a jock and he wasn't quite a nerd, so I don't know how else to describe him.

There were a couple of other guys, but as I said, I don't remember them too well, except that everybody else joined the clique as a friend of either myself or Arnie or Todd or Seth. I guess I knew them casually and from class, but didn't hang out with the rest of them or anything. That particular night, as I said, was the night before our physics final, and since we knew my parents would be out all night, we decided to all get together at my place and cram for it. I managed to scarf some beers and and one or two of the other guys were going to bring some, so we decided to make it a combination study session and party.

The studying was fairly routine -- at least, I don't remember anything out of the routine about it -- and we managed to finish off a bunch of beers each. I remember gathering up all the cans and taking them out to the garage so my parents wouldn't find them, and when I got back to basement (which doubled as my room, which is where we were all studying), everybody was just laying around on the floor enjoying the buzz, talking back and forth. The conversation I missed must have been interesting, because when I walked in, they were talking about whether or not Todd really had a 10" dick.

I was buzzed enough to get right into the spirit of things, and said I didn't think so, which seemed to side me with the majority. I think the whole topic seemed to piss Todd off a little, because he offered to whip it out and show everybody. Somebody dared him to, and then it became a taunt session, with half of us daring him, and the other half saying he didn't have the balls to do it.

I think it was that -- the idea that he might be too chicken to do it -- that finally got him to say he'd do it. He stood up (somewhat shakily), and walked to the center of the room, around where everyone was clustered, and he started to open his jeans. Somebody started mimicking "strip music," and that drew a few laughs, but everybody got strangely quiet.

I had a weird lump in my throat and a strange feeling in my stomach -- I remember that I thought that I shouldn't be that interested, but I was. By the time I realized that, Todd had his jeans down, and was standing there in his briefs and a t-shirt. Everybody quieted down when they saw that he showed the kind of bulge in his briefs that he did in his basketball shorts. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the briefs, and then seemed to hesitate -- until someone made a clucking noise, like a chicken. Down came the briefs.

I have to say, it didn't look all that impressive, but it looked longer than mine, even limp, and his balls hung down further than mine did (and on his tall body, that looked real sexy). He said something like, "There! Satisfied?" and it might have ended there except that Seth said, "That's no ten inches!"

Todd retorted, "It's ten inches when it's hard," and that started another whole round of "Bullshit!" comments from the group. All the while, Todd stood there with his jeans and briefs down and his dick out for all to see. Then Seth did it again; he said, "So get it hard, and let's see it."

To this day, I have to think that if we didn't all have a couple of beers in us, it never would have gone this far, but Todd just simply said, "OK," and grabbed it in his hand. He gave it a couple of tugs and we could all see it start to swell up and get stiff. He did this for a couple of minutes, and there was absolute silence in the room, and he didn't slow down until it was rock hard and stood almost straight up from his groin.

It looked HUGE, and we all had to admit that if it wasn't ten inches, it sure looked like it. There was a little laughter, but it sounded nervous and subdued, and I noticed that Todd hadn't stopped stroking himself. He looked around at all of us, while stroking, and said, "OK, guys, fair's fair. How big are you guys? Let's see 'em."

After his "performance," it would have been a real flash not have the guts to go along. We all moved over to where he was, in the center of the room, and I can very vividly picture him standing there, his hard cock in his hand, with Seth right next to me on one side, standing between me and Todd, and Arnie right across from me. The other guys finished off the circle standing between me and Arnie.

The sound of the zippers coming down was deafening -- it seemed to be the only sound in the room, other than that of Arnie yanking down the elastic shorts he'd been wearing. It turned out he wasn't wearing briefs, either, but the second-biggest surprise I got was that Arnie and Seth were already hard. The first-biggest surprise I got was when I realized that

I was too. Arnie's dick surprised me. It wasn't particularly long, but it was really fucking thick, and Todd commented on that: "Hey, man, that's a real thick piece of meat!" He grinned, stroking it a little. I almost twisted my head off trying to catch a look at Seth's rod, until I saw that he was looking at mine. His wasn't as thick as Arnie's, but it looked a little thicker than mine, and a little longer. I was also surprised at how hairy his crotch was, until it dawned on me that hairy chests and hairy crotches must go together. I was hard too, of course, and my dick runs about 7".

We were all cut, except for one guy who's name I forget, but we didn't pay too much attention to him anyway, since we were all looking at Todd's massive meat.

He kept stroking himself, staring at everybody's dicks, and I guess we were all stroking ourselves, staring at everybody's dicks, but especially his. I'm not sure at what pointed it passed from being a pecker contest to being a circle-jerk, but everybody seemed to agree to it -- our stances changed slightly; I remember spreading my legs a little wider and getting a new grip on my own rod. I also remember repositioning myself a little so I could watch Seth, Arnie and Todd without having to move my head around too suspiciously. Even though we were all standing there jerking off grooving on Todd's big dick, I think it would have been a major flash to have shown too much interest.

Still, that's what we were all doing, jerking ourselves off watching Todd jerk himself off. All except me, I thought, since I was also getting off on watching Arnie and Seth. Especially Seth. He had opened his shirt, and except for the fact that it was hanging from his shoulders, he might have been standing there naked, and seeing this hairy-chested guy with a big rod standing next to me jerking off made me really horny.

There weren't any bets placed on who would come first, but if there had been, Todd would have won. He was breathing really heavily (the first time I'd ever been exposed to that erotic sound, and to this day, the sounds a guy makes just before he comes turns me on something fierce!), and stroking real fast, and I remember that he threw his head back and thrust his crotch and just said, "Watch out!" and with that, he started to shoot his come.

I remember the incredible feeling that went through me as I watched his load shoot out of his dick, arch up into the air, and then land on the floor. He blew off a couple of shots like that -- I seem to remember that the second one was the biggest/strongest -- and I think he was the catalyst for the rest of us getting off. Arnie was next; he didn't do a sharpshooter routine, but just came, his load landing in soggy splats on the floor. Seth and I were both next, and I caught him staring at me while I was about to shoot, so I stared at him too, and we both got off watching the other. When I shot, it was such an incredible feeling; my legs started trembling and it felt like the inside of my balls were going to come shooting out the end of my dick.

As Seth and me came, watching each other, so did the rest of the guys. I only heard one other noise besides the wet splats was someone (one of guys I didn't really know), saying, "Here it comes, man!" I think I shot more times than Seth did, because he'd already stopped when I "recovered" from my last blast, and then he did something really weird -- he smiled at me and winked! I don't know what came over me, but I smiled back, and it felt so... natural, and so right, that I didn't care who noticed (I don't think anyone did, though).

There isn't really much of an ending to this part of it. After we all had shot our loads, we just pulled our briefs and jeans (or shorts), back up and went on bullshitting. There was a little talk about how good that felt and this one and that one saying that they had been horny because they hadn't gotten laid in a while. Todd, the former center of attention, just said something like, "Now you all believe me," and I think we all indicated one way or another that we did. We just sat around bullshitting and listening to the radio for awhile, and then about a half-hour before my parents were due home, I chased everybody out. Seth volunteered to stay and help me clean up, and since I knew my parents would mind one guest around (and besides, they liked him), I accepted gratefully. The thought that Seth might have had ulterior motives never even crossed my mind.